F775 (27.5 Fat)

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Sometimes we, like snowflakes, need nucleators. Be it bacteria or an idea, catalysis doesn’t occur without a seed, a certain something, a spark. Today’s plan grew around a what seemed a simple question: “Can we get there in a day?” Rugged roads made who-knows-what in winter, questionable access to water and shelter, ‘fast’ probably isn’t the right word for what’s going on, but this certainly isn’t a cake walk. The ideas of yesterday don’t matter today, this is all about rhythm, conservation of energy, efficiency and, if we’re lucky, flow. We can.

For those looking for a fat tire experience skewed a bit more toward hard-packed, fast and flowing trails than backcountry rolling snowshoe expeditions, F775 offers a lighter, faster rolling system than the 26” platform. Are they the answer to your powder day woes? No, 26 x 5.0” is the ticket for that. Our F775 platform uses a narrower rim than our F685, which is optimized for tires up to 4.6” wide. The 27.5 wheels size offers a shallower angle of attack against obstacles, less overall mass, less tire sidewall to fold over and bounce, and an overall more positive feel well suited to firm surfaces.

Like all our wheels, F775s are handbuilt in Ottawa, Ontario, at high tension for superb feel and power transfer. The weight savings over aluminum our carbon hoops provide is complimented by the enhanced ‘feel’ of high spoke tension, which minimizes lateral flex and translates your input more directly to the ground. If you choose to go with a tubeless tire setup (tubeless tape and valves are included), you can eliminate heavy tubes, reduce the likelihood of flats, and take advantage of the low rolling resistance of supple, high quality tires. Our tubeless tire bead bed is shaped to hold your tire in place even at very low (3psi) pressures, but the big advantage for this platform is the secure connection of tire to rim under the heavy cornering loads that occur when riding on firm, grippy terrain.


  • 75mm external (70mm internal) rim width provides a good profile to tires from 3″ to 4.6″
  • Light weight offers big savings over alloy rims, especially when run tubeless
  • Easy to set up tubeless with just a single layer of tape, delivering improved traction, better puncture resistance, lower rolling resistance, lighter weight.
  • Rim shape holds tires even at super low pressure.
  • Slightly deeper (30mm) than F685 (22mm) to retain same stiffness and ride quality – built to same high spoke tension
  • Double-wall carbon rims let us build to high spoke tension that suits year-round riding – wheels are stiff, snappy, responsive, and handle precisely
  • Staggered spoke hole drilling provides more strength/support to wide rim
  • Perfect for lower volume tires in the 4″ range – shorter sidewalls provide less bounce/folding, more precise handling than larger 26” tires
  • Larger/longer contact patch than 26” fat for grip/traction even with a narrower/lighter tire
  • Better angle of attack than 26” for easier rolling over obstacles
  • Tubeless tape and valves are included
  • Each wheel is handbuilt in a 3x pattern with 32 Sapim Laser or D-Light spokes
  • Wheelset weight is 2060g

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Weight 3.6 kg
Dimensions 64 × 62 × 37 cm