F685 (26″ Fat)

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Type-1 fun; why be out here if it was anything else? A forest transformed: cryostatic, crystalline, calm, sunlight shimmers across pillows of snow severed by a narrow swath of trail. A simple pleasure, rolling here, now, momentum at a premium, both help and hindrance. Today’s adventure really feels like an adventure, a test of mind and body, unknown limits, and one’s respect for winter. Moments of zen are punctuated with unrestrained hoots and hollers; that’s just how it is, that’s what this is; beautiful fun, both forgiving and not.

Handbuilt at high tension for superb feel and power transfer, F685 wheels transform the personality of your fatbike in 3 distinct ways. First, they deliver significant weight savings over aluminum, which is felt immediately, especially on the climbs! Second, they improve ‘feel’ thanks to their high spoke tension, which minimizes lateral flex and translates your input more directly to the ground. Third, they simplify tubeless tire setup, which allows you to eliminate your heavy tube, reduce the likelihood of flats, and take advantage of the low rolling resistance of supple, high quality tires. The F685 tire bead bed is shaped to hold your tire in place even at very low (3psi) pressures, exactly what you need for the soft days. The cherry on top: F685 wheels are built for 4-season riding, so you can enjoy them wherever, whenever!


  • 85mm (80mm internal) rim width provides a good profile to tires from 3.8″ to 5″
  • Light weight offers big savings over alloy rims, especially when run tubeless
  • Easy to set up tubeless with just a single layer of tape, delivering improved traction, better puncture resistance, lower rolling resistance, lighter weight
  • Rim shape holds tires even at super low pressure
  • Double-wall carbon rims let us build to high spoke tension that suits year-round riding – wheels are stiff, snappy, responsive, and handle precisely
  • Staggered spoke hole drilling provides more strength/support to wide rim
  • Each wheel is handbuilt in a 3x pattern with 32 Sapim Laser or D-Light spokes
  • Wheelset weight is 2050g

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Weight 3.6 kg
Dimensions 64 × 62 × 37 cm